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Stand Up Paddle around the World

Who has never dreamed of going around the world?

Today at a turn in my life, rich from all my past experiences, I’ve decided to launch myself on a new challenge.
In January 2020, I’m going to fly for an 18 months* trip around the world with a paddle board in my luggage.
* This was my plan before the arrival of the Covid which has a lot shaken up my trip…

Come with me to navigate legendary bodies of water:
Bora Bora Lagoon, Titicaca lake, Halong bay, the Nile…

Journey destinations

Paris – Hawaii – Mexico – Cuba – Guatemala – Panama – Peru – Brazil – Chile –
Easter Island – Tahiti – Cook Island – Vanuatu – Australia – Vietnam – Philippines – Palaos – New Calédonia – Tonga – Solomon Islands – Oman – Egypt – Turkey

Why in sup?

Paddle boarding fits my vision of travelling.

1. Connection

It allows to connect instinctually with other people: there are no boundaries between the traveler and the people he meets.

2. Symbol of Slow Travel

A paddle board entices you to take your time, to discover wildlife, the flora and to become imbued in nature.

3. Environmentally respectful and friendly

There is no pollution, only elbow grease.

4. Explore in a different way

Standing up on the water you can look at the landscape from a very different point of view.

Which equipement/gear?

After a lot of research, testing and sharing of experiences, 
I’ve decided to travel with the following equipement:

2. For the paddle: Black project – 3-Piece SUP Travel Hydro

Just an extraordinary paddle in 3 parts cut to my length. Full carbon, ultra light.  The plus, due to the HEX join system the joints have zero movement delivering 1-piece performance in a paddle.
Olivia Piana let me borrw her Black project paddle during one of our session on the Seine and I’ve hust loved the feeling: how it fits in my hand, how it catches the water. 

See the paddle

1. For the board: Red paddle co – Model 13’2” Voyager+ 

An inflatable touring board really verstile.
I’ve tested the Voyager 13’2” in Norway during a five days expedition on the Fjords: very stable, nice speed cruising. What I really love to is the
 6 point cargo tie-down system at the front and 4 point cargo tie-down system at the back for all my gear. And on an esthetic view point, this board has pretty colours!

This is my third board from Red Paddle co (the first one was a Sport 12,6 then an Elite en 14 by 27), what I appreciate the most is their rigidity and the materials quality.

See the board

My hilights

Navigate legendary bodies of water:  
LakeTiticaca, Bora Bora atolls,
Ha Long Bay, the Nile…

All these name rings a peticular music
in our imagination .

To enjoy along the water

Images fished and picked from the paddle