Travel to the beat of the paddle

Drifting along the water
with my board:
Travel to the beat of the paddle

Travelling on a Stand Up Paddle, what a strange idea!

If we think a little bit about this question:
Why with a stand up paddle?

Could it be for a certain form of freedom?

With a paddle board, no defined or imposed route but full room for improvisation.  If the departure or sometimes the arrival are known, it is not the case for the  course of the journey.  Crossing the lake or the river?  Following the banks?  Going upstream?  All detours are allowed.

How many times through the window of the train have you seen a farm, a church, a castle and barely enough time to look at them that they’ve disappeared as quickly as they’ve appeared.  This situation never occurs on a paddle board.  A construction, an animal is tickling your curiosity?  You want to take a closer look?  You stop whenever you want!

Wouldn’t it also be to recover
the travel time?

Travel time, the time spent traveling from one point to another account as much, if not more, than the destination.

All points matter: the start, the journey itself and the arrival.
Paddle boarding  gives a place to the travel in the trip,
it gives substance to the travel and allows you to soak up places.

Unlike the car or the plane where only the destination counts, on a paddle board it’s only the skeleton of the journey.  The journey is the flesh that will give it the body. Who knows what could happen on the water?

SYMBOL OF SLOW TRAVEL, A paddle board entices you to take your time, to discover wildlife, the flora and to become imbued in nature.
Slow travel means enjoying the luxury of taking your time. Whether here or elsewhere, it is the opportunity to soak up the places where we are and the people who live there.



Closer to the elements, feeling the rocking of the water, the quivering of the breeze on the skin, the water droplets on the legs, the rain on the face. No car hood, no glass separates us, isolates us from the outside environment.
The relationship with the elements is physical.  You taste every moment, you listen to the nature around you and feel it with all your senses: the nuances of the water, the direction of the wind, the changes in air temperature, the movements of the clouds, the flight of birds .

Reconnecting to yourself

The repetitive and regular back and forth of the paddle absorbs completely.  This fluid movement helps inner calm and leads to a state close to meditation.
It’s just you and the water.

In the wake of the board the past has disappeared.
The present is there in balance.
Standing on a paddle board requires you to be in the moment, otherwise you fall!

Connecting with people

A paddle board arouses curiosity and sympathy and favorise to meet people
No barrier between you and the people you meet, it’s the advantage of not being locked in a vehicle interior.
So easy to exchange a few words with other paddlers, fishermen, strollers by the water.

Prendre son temps, vivre une expérience en pleine nature, rencontrer, découvrir le paysage autrement, loin de chez soi ou à sa porte…
Tels sont les atouts d’un voyage en paddle au fil de l’eau.

In the end, isn’t it about exploring differently?

Paddle boarding allows you to think outside the box.

Whether you are in Brittany, Florida or Hawaii, you see your destination differently.
Exploring somewhere on a paddle board will allow you to admire the scenery away from the crowds.
Going down a river or following the coasts will reveal inaccessible and isolated sites.
Perhaps you will have the chance to come across seals, a family of dolphins, turtles…

The landscape scrolls gently, each paddle stroke brings its share of surprises.

Take your time, live an experience in the great outdoors, meet, discover the landscape differently, far from home or at your door …
These are the advantages of a paddleboard trip on the water.

Stand up paddleboarding offers an entirely new window onto the world. With low environmental impact, taking to your board is a brilliant way of slowing things down and really seeing a place – wherever you happen to be.

Travel to the beat of
the paddle

Come with me
Coconut Island

Follow me on social media, share and write me from time to time, it could be worth more than what you can imagine …
… When you spend hours paddling and you’re on the other side of the world. embarassed

Follow me on social media, share and write me from time to time, it could be worth more than what you can imagine …
… When you spend hours paddling and you’re on the other side of the world. embarassed