French Polynesia
From July to October 2020

Lagoons & corals

3rd step of my journey around the world

Duration: 3 month 

Tahiti – Moorea – Raiatea – Tahaa – Bora Bora
Tikehau – Rangiroa – Fakarava

  • Paddleboard 90% 90%
  • Visiting 70% 70%
  • Cycling 20% 20%

Five archipelagos with 118 islands and atolls, scattered in the Pacific, on a territory as vast as Europe!
Before this stay, I knew nothing about Polynesian geography. I found this presentation that I like very much: it’s a map that superimposes the five archipelagos on Europe. At a glance, you get the full measure of the immensity of Polynesia!
Pareo, monoï, vahiné, these words are already quite a journey. Polynesia belongs to these mythical destinations.
During these 3 months and a half, I was able to live at the rhythm of the islands and take the time to immerse myself in the very particular atmosphere of each archipelago.

Polynésie française

my favorites

1. Paddleboard on the turquoise water of the lagoons

The famous attols in the Tuamotu archipelago
They’re ancient volcanoes but so ancient that they’ve disappeared with erosion: only the coral remains, which has developed in a crown all around. Here, in Fakarava, the water is so transparent, the corals metamorphose into a work of art.

Lagon turquoise

2. Swimming with humpback whales

In Rurutu 
In the Austral Archipelago, the southernmost of Polynesia, from July to October, one can observe these enormous cetaceans and their babies.


3.  Walking in the coconut groves

“The tree with 100 uses” is the nickname of the coconut tree. Coconut trees grow everywhere in French Polynesia. Especially in the islands, where the economy is based on copra, the dried coconut. It is used to make coconut oil, the base of monoi.

Une cocoteraie

4. Visiting a farm pearl

Tahiti pearls
Shades of gray through silver, pink, garnet, green, black. Impossible to not bring back some amazing pearls. 

Perles de Tahiti
Les coraux
Le lagon turquoise
Un baleineau
Ouvrir une noix de coco
Récolte d'une perle
Ferme perlière

Weeks 25, 26
& 27

From July 19th until August 4th 2020


I’ll take you on a tour of the island:

  • The black sand beaches
  • The lagoon and the motu
  • The mape and coconut trees

Weeks 28
& 29

From August 4th until Auguts 13th

Let’s discover Moorea by bike:
the Magic Mountain, the Belvedere, the marae of Titiroa


Weeks 29

& 30

From Auguts 14th until August 24th 2020

Raiatea & Tahaa
The sacred islands with its ancient Marae, fields of pineapple, vanilla and rum.

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Aéroport de Bora Bora

Week 31

From August 24th until August 31st  2020

Bora Bora
Turquoise blue and overwater bungalow

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Weeks 32 & 33

From September 1st until Sept 10th, 2020

Pink sand, motu after motu

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Weeks 33 & 34

From Sept 10th until Sept 17th 2020

Dolphins and sharks

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Weeks 34 & 35

From Sept 17th until Sept 24th, 2020

A transparent lagoon and muticolored coral

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Weeks 35 & 36

From Sept 25th until October 7th, 2020

Rurutu’s nickname is “the troglodyte island”.
Let’s dicover why?

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Week 37


From october 7th until October 12th

Back to Tahiti
Papeete marke

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