My first moments on a paddle board

My first moments on a board

July 2015 – Kaneohe Bay – Oahu

Like all the first times, the first time in SUP remains memorable.

On vacation in Hawaii, sitting on the beach, I was watching people standing on their board gliding over the ocean. I was fascinated to see them evolving gracefully and slightly on the surface of the water. I was very, very tempted to try… But not without a little apprehension… Am I going to be able to stand up? Am I going to find my balance? And if I fall …

My beginnings were rather easy. I must say that the conditions were ideal: a protected bay, a body of water smooth as a mirror, warm, transparent water, a very wide board. As a coach by my side, my friend Jim a waterman, a real: former chief life guard in Waikiki and North Shore, big waves surfer. His build is double that of mine, he’s encouraging me.

I followed step by step the advice he gave me.
“You feel the water and you paddle gently on your knee> Just stay on your knee until you feel comfortable then put your paddle across and stand up.”

And here I am standing gliding on the water …

I got hooked right away

Instantly I felt confident and comfortable on this large and stable board with a lot of inertia that forgave any error and glided wonderfully. I learned later that it was not just any board. It is with this custom made “old school” long fiberglass board that my friend Jim had participated once in the legendary Molokai2Oahu race… Premonitory?

To continue my learning, Jim lent me a more manageable board (a small Starboard 32” wide) easy to surf with that I took everywhere. Every day, morning and evening, I would take my board and go paddle board each time a little further, each time a little longer … exploring all the sheltered beaches and bays of Oahu.

My turn to glide on the water! I quickly fell in love with this sport and this passion never left me.

This experience quickly transformed me.
Back in France, I was addicted.
I search SUP Paris on the web and find a club on the Seine!

Today stand up paddle occupies a predominant part of my life.
SUP brought me a lot: new friends, better physical shape, muscular strengthening, a strong mental, endurance with effort, well-being and balance.

Since 5 years, I’ve paddle board in exceptional places.
I also participated in a lot of races that allowed me to surpass myself and get out of my comfort zone.

What about you?  Your first moments on a paddle board, how did it go?
let me know.

Life is better on a paddle board!


My 5 tips for a smooth and
easy beginning 

1. A calm and sheltered body of water

Found a body of water protected from wind and waves. This will make a big difference when you begin on a paddle board!

2. steady board

Choose a board that is very wide (30 ” or more) and rigid. If you begin on an inflatable board, make sure that the board it is properly inflated. (Imagine for a minute trying to stand on an air mattress, not possible!).

3. A leash 

For your safety, the leash, must be attached to your ankle or below your knee.  The leash connects you to the board in the event of a fall.

4. Begin on your knees

This step is important to get the feeling of the board.
Place your knee on each side of the carry handle. Spend some time paddling around on your knees. 
When paddling on your knees, you hold your paddle with both hand on the shaft and make sure you  get the blade fully in the water for each stroke you take. To switch side, take your top hand of the shaft, let the paddle blade swing to the other side of the board. Then place the hand you took off under the bottom hand.

5. Stand up

Once comfortable, paddling on your knee it’s time to stand up. Place your paddle in front of you perpendicular to the board, with your finger over the shaft, look at the horizon, tuck your toes, and one at a time bring your knees uo to your chest and place your feet flat on the board. You’ll then press up like doing a squat with your back straight. Once you’re up get your paddle on the water quickly because when your paddle is on the water it helps you maintain your balance. just picture your paddle as a third leg.

Coming soon 2 tutos:
– How to get started
– My tips for a better way to paddle without hurting yourself

Your first moments on a paddle board,
how did it go?
Let me know

Your first moments on a paddle board, how did it go?
let me know.